Weekend of Firsts

I had a very busy weekend, and one filled with many firsts for me. Most are great, some are not so great. Here is a rundown of my first-filled adventure:

1. First time I had a cat diagnosed with renal failure

This is the saddest of my firsts. Two weeks ago I adopted a senior cat, Bootsie, from the DC Humane Society. Bootsie, a 12-year old declawed Tabby, had trouble walking and was originally thought to be a diabetic. I knew she was the cat for me when I met her – she was so sweet and cuddly. Who else would adopt such a cutie older cat?! After her check-up with the vet, it was determined she was in the early stages of having renal (kidney) failure. I have never had a cat with this disease before, and after a quick search online, it seems like it will be a battle. Bootsie seems just like her newly adopted mom – a fighter. Bootsie and her "doggie stairs" because she cannot jump on the bed

Bootsie and her “doggie stairs.” I had to get them for her because she cannot jump onto the bed.

2. First Clothing Swap

I was able to talk my friend Megan into going to a swap event in DC. We each had to pay $10 and bring 5 or more articles of clothing. I brought 10! You drop off the clothing, and then an hour (and a drink later) you get to go through the store and pick up whatever you want! It is like a clothing exchange – and it was fun. I made out with a Calvin Klein pea coat, two skirts, a glittery blazer, a top and a funky scarf. Not too bad. Unfortunately, one of the skirts doesn’t fit – but that is OK – more to swap next time!

3. First time helping to coordinate a Scavenger Hunt

The Penn State alumni chapter in DC hosted a fundraiser for RAINN. I was on the planning committee, and it was a blast. We had 10 teams travel across DC finding items, answering clues, and taking pictures of the most random stuff. I was in charge of evaluating the pictures – and they were priceless. People next to license plates, standing with Occupy DC protesters, in bars and hotels, near monuments – awesome. I had a blast helping out and hope to be a part of it again next year! I do not know how much we made for RAINN, but it was a serious chunk of change – which also made me happy! WE ARE…

4. First roundtrip Capital Bikeshare commute

I hate DC’s metro. I hate it so much that I am trying alternatives to get around DC. I decided to get a capital bikeshare membership ($75/year) and try my hand at biking around DC.

The pros: (1) There are over 1,000 bikes that I can pick up and drop off. (2) DC is becoming a bike friendly city. (3) I can get where I need to go faster, and not waste money on metro.

The cons: (1) I am terrified of sharing the road with cars. (2) DC is very hilly and the bikeshare bikes are very heavy. (3) Did I mention that I was terrified to bike on the same road as DC drivers??

First commute was a success. I will talk more about this transport in the future. 😀

Apart from my sad news with Bootsie, the weekend was a success.

Did you have any firsts this weekend?