Pittsburgh Half Marathon Recap


Runners of Steel!

One week after setting my half marathon PR, I was back on the road for my second 13.1 mile race (compliments of winning a free entry!).

I have to admit, the Pittsburgh Half Marathon is arguably my favorite race. Partially because of hometown pride, partially because it is a challenging course, and mostly because it’s a community-supported event. Initially, I was going to type out another mile-by-mile recap of the race, but I decided to post the highlights instead:

  • Cheer teams featuring pit bulls in tutus (the Human Society), greyhounds, Native American dance troops, a lone bongo drummer, and a drum line
  • A full choir performing on the steps of its church
  • Local businesses handing out gummy worms and oranges to runners
  • Food trucks offering free food for race spectators
  • Neighborhood parties with beer
  • A pastor giving pre-race blessings and allowing runners to use the church’s bathrooms
  • Bands/musicians every one or two miles and plentiful water stops
  • Eat ‘n Park Smiley cookies for post-race snacks
  • A finisher’s medal made from steel
  • Restaurants offering runners free beer
  • Unintentionally messing up my bib name (again), and hearing people cheer – “Go CP!”
  • Giving a high-five at the finish line to a marathoner who qualified for Boston by 24 seconds
  • WE ARE – PENN STATE chants from other runners and spectators alike
  • Crisscrossing the city over 6 different bridges
  • Owning the mile-long climb from miles 11 – 12
  • Getting to run and catch up with one of my best friends from college!
  • Seeing friends and family at the finish line!

Race time: 2:58:54. 


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