She Gone and Done It

After what could be considered the most stressful hour and a half of 2013, I am proud to announce I am officially registered for the Marine Corps Marathon 2013 (MCM)!  <Cars screech to a halt> Say what? Yep. I did it. I said I was going to register, and (with the help of four friends on varying electronic devices) I did.

Oh. You want the incredibly stressful backstory? I am happy to oblige!

On March 27, 2013, I was sitting at my computer in my apartment watching the minutes  slowly tick by. At exactly noon, I pushed the “Register Now!” button on the MCM website which took me to Active asked me to sign in, and that is when all hell broke loose. I guess 40,000 of my closest running friends across the world were also sitting at their computers at exactly noon on March 27 trying to register for MCM as well. I got error message after error message.

My two friends who were with me frantically tried to log onto via cell phones and ipads. Nothing. I was literally starting to sweat. 12:15. Couldn’t even load the MCM webpage. 12:30. Error messages kept popping up on my screen. I was almost ready to give up hope…and then my friend was able to get into the Active website to enter all of my information! Hark!  A sigh of relief flooded over me, and I thought it was going to be smooth sailing… I was wrong.

I entered my credit card information, hit “submit,” and…error message. I was devastated. I thought: Will I need to enact “Operation MCM Plan B” – to start training for the race and then buy a registration from someone in August? That was not ideal, but it was plausible.  I was sick of all of the different error messages I saw – there had to have been at least six different ones!

Meanwhile, my friends across the country were also trying to register and I was frantically texting and calling them. One had luck and was registered! (There was hope!)The others were still dealing with error messages and network problems. I refreshed my credit card information for half an hour to no avail – I never received a confirmation from Active that I was registered.

My friend who was able to register called me and offered to try on my behalf. I swear she had a magic computer because in what seemed like no time at all (and with minimal error messages) she was able to register me for the race! Wait, what? I WAS REGISTERED FOR A MARATHON!

Who knew that registering was going to be part of the training? Not I! But now that the registration battle is behind me, the real work begins. My next mission is to find a training plan that works for me, so stay tuned for my research!


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