I Was a New Years Resolutioner

When I went to my anger management class (ie. boxing) this week, my instructor was “taking it easy on us” because of all the newbies. While it was a good workout, it was not nearly as grueling as it was in December. Then, when I went to the office gym to walk at lunch, I was hard-pressed to find an open treadmill. “Ug, all of these New Years Resolutioners are taking up valuable real estate!”


December 2008

It is easy for me to forget that in 2009 I wanted to lose weight and get healthy. How can I not remember my first time at the gym – taking 25 minutes to walk a mile? I spent weeks and months competing with the regular gym goers – Running Girl especially – to get to the “good” treadmill first.

What is it about the new year that makes people more motivated? A person can make a change at any given minute, but there is something about the new year that makes us want to start anew. Maybe its mankind’s way of keeping life neat and orderly, with a predetermined beginning, that we like. In reality, life is more complicated and there really is no nice and easy way to start new habits.

Four years ago today, I joined the WeWa community. While at the present time I am not at my lowest weight, I have lost and kept off 90 pounds. After a holiday hiatus, I am back on the correct path of tracking food, planning meals, and exercising regularly (34 miles run so far this year, and counting)!

101_0190 December 2012

Instead of getting frustrated with the new gym goers, I should wish them luck in reaching their goals. Hopefully in a month or two they are still taking up valuable treadmill spots making progress on their own resolutions. If you are a Resolutioner and you stick to your goals, you really can change your life. I should know – I was a New Years Resolutioner.


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