Hello, 2013!

It’s a new year filled with big goals! Before we go there, let’s review some of my goals from 2012 (you know, the ones I put into a spreadsheet and I then forgot about).

1. Run a Race Every Month – Well, that didn’t actually happen, but I sure completed a lot of races this year, and for that reason this goal has been accomplished! Four 5Ks, two 8Ks, one 10K, two 10-milers, and three Sprint Triathlons! I PRed in each of the race categories! Here are the links so you can see race times for 5Ks, Distance Runs, and Tris. Wait til you see what I have in store for 2013!

2. Run a 10-minute Mile – That didn’t happen either, but I whittled my mile pace (in a 5K) from 11:30 min mile down to 10:54 min mile. I hope to get those 10-min-miles this year!

3. Get under 200 poundsCheck…and uncheck. I definitely hit my goal and maintained for about a month, but then I relaxed my habits and I gained the weight back. Soooo, I am starting the year right back where I was last year. You know what? I am not upset or discouraged. I always like a challenge, so I will go for it again!

4. Write for Fun 5 Days a Week – Yeaaaah, that was a bit ambitious. I learned that I am not as prodigious in my prose as I had initially thought…

So that was a not-too-nostalgic look at 2012, but what I am really excited about are the big things I have planned for 2013! Let’s have a looksy, shall we??

2013 – The Year to Go Big or Go Home

1. Run a Marathon – What? What? Yep. This one plans to hoof it 26.2 miles on October 27, 2013 for the Marine Corps Marathon. Put it on your calendars now – be there or be square! I am looking forward to this adventure with some good friends!

2. Train for the Marathon – Marathons require a lot of training, so I have packed my schedule with some big races…

  • Cherry Blossom 10-miler (April 7)
  • Nike Women’s Half Marathon (April 28, yup two weeks after the 10-miler)
  • Pittsburgh Half Marathon (May 5 – yep, one week after the Nike half. It’s official. I’m certifiable)
  • Philadelphia Sprint Triathlon (June 22…and then the really long runs begin)

3. Run 10-minute miles and Keep a Running Log – With all of these races, I am bound to get faster at some point! I also want to keep track of the total number of miles I run, so BOLO for weekly milage!

4. Get in touch with my 90’s loving self….the 190s that is! I did it before, I can do it again!

5. 26 Acts of Kindness – I am not going to lie, I really liked Ann Curry’s message about performing random acts of kindness. I want to do more kind acts in general, and I guess I don’t really need a number to quantify the acts, but 26 acts in honor of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary is a good place to start. (5 acts completed to date.)

8. B.L.O.G! – I know my readers can’t get enough of my quirky wit, and I aim to please, so I hope to be better at blogging in 2013!

What are your goals for 2013?


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