I Was a New Years Resolutioner

When I went to my anger management class (ie. boxing) this week, my instructor was “taking it easy on us” because of all the newbies. While it was a good workout, it was not nearly as grueling as it was in December. Then, when I went to the office gym to walk at lunch, I was hard-pressed to find an open treadmill. “Ug, all of these New Years Resolutioners are taking up valuable real estate!”


December 2008

It is easy for me to forget that in 2009 I wanted to lose weight and get healthy. How can I not remember my first time at the gym – taking 25 minutes to walk a mile? I spent weeks and months competing with the regular gym goers – Running Girl especially – to get to the “good” treadmill first.

What is it about the new year that makes people more motivated? A person can make a change at any given minute, but there is something about the new year that makes us want to start anew. Maybe its mankind’s way of keeping life neat and orderly, with a predetermined beginning, that we like. In reality, life is more complicated and there really is no nice and easy way to start new habits.

Four years ago today, I joined the WeWa community. While at the present time I am not at my lowest weight, I have lost and kept off 90 pounds. After a holiday hiatus, I am back on the correct path of tracking food, planning meals, and exercising regularly (34 miles run so far this year, and counting)!

101_0190 December 2012

Instead of getting frustrated with the new gym goers, I should wish them luck in reaching their goals. Hopefully in a month or two they are still taking up valuable treadmill spots making progress on their own resolutions. If you are a Resolutioner and you stick to your goals, you really can change your life. I should know – I was a New Years Resolutioner.


Hello, 2013!

It’s a new year filled with big goals! Before we go there, let’s review some of my goals from 2012 (you know, the ones I put into a spreadsheet and I then forgot about).

1. Run a Race Every Month – Well, that didn’t actually happen, but I sure completed a lot of races this year, and for that reason this goal has been accomplished! Four 5Ks, two 8Ks, one 10K, two 10-milers, and three Sprint Triathlons! I PRed in each of the race categories! Here are the links so you can see race times for 5Ks, Distance Runs, and Tris. Wait til you see what I have in store for 2013!

2. Run a 10-minute Mile – That didn’t happen either, but I whittled my mile pace (in a 5K) from 11:30 min mile down to 10:54 min mile. I hope to get those 10-min-miles this year!

3. Get under 200 poundsCheck…and uncheck. I definitely hit my goal and maintained for about a month, but then I relaxed my habits and I gained the weight back. Soooo, I am starting the year right back where I was last year. You know what? I am not upset or discouraged. I always like a challenge, so I will go for it again!

4. Write for Fun 5 Days a Week – Yeaaaah, that was a bit ambitious. I learned that I am not as prodigious in my prose as I had initially thought…

So that was a not-too-nostalgic look at 2012, but what I am really excited about are the big things I have planned for 2013! Let’s have a looksy, shall we??

2013 – The Year to Go Big or Go Home

1. Run a Marathon – What? What? Yep. This one plans to hoof it 26.2 miles on October 27, 2013 for the Marine Corps Marathon. Put it on your calendars now – be there or be square! I am looking forward to this adventure with some good friends!

2. Train for the Marathon – Marathons require a lot of training, so I have packed my schedule with some big races…

  • Cherry Blossom 10-miler (April 7)
  • Nike Women’s Half Marathon (April 28, yup two weeks after the 10-miler)
  • Pittsburgh Half Marathon (May 5 – yep, one week after the Nike half. It’s official. I’m certifiable)
  • Philadelphia Sprint Triathlon (June 22…and then the really long runs begin)

3. Run 10-minute miles and Keep a Running Log – With all of these races, I am bound to get faster at some point! I also want to keep track of the total number of miles I run, so BOLO for weekly milage!

4. Get in touch with my 90’s loving self….the 190s that is! I did it before, I can do it again!

5. 26 Acts of Kindness – I am not going to lie, I really liked Ann Curry’s message about performing random acts of kindness. I want to do more kind acts in general, and I guess I don’t really need a number to quantify the acts, but 26 acts in honor of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary is a good place to start. (5 acts completed to date.)

8. B.L.O.G! – I know my readers can’t get enough of my quirky wit, and I aim to please, so I hope to be better at blogging in 2013!

What are your goals for 2013?