A Meat(less)-&-Potato(less) Girl?

After two weeks of indulgence (celebrating my 1.0.1 weight loss and my 3.0 birthday), I have been struggling to get refocused again. So, to make things easier on myself (and to not waste tons of time searching for new ideas and recipes), I decided on a little craft project.

Using popsicle craft sticks, I wrote down some of my go-to meals and recipes that I want to try. That way, when I am not sure what to make that week, I can just reach into a jar and pick something instead of playing search-the-net.


Step 1: Compile a List of Recipes/Meals

This was easier said than done. I had previously made a spreadsheet of recipes that I like, but it was far from inclusive. I gathered other ideas from my WeWa eTools recipe catalog, some blogs I follow, and of course, Pinterest. At the present time, I have about 60 meal ideas to choose from!

Step 2: Organizing the Ideas

I decided to break out the meals using color coding. I know, I know, this is such a novel idea I should trademark it, but here I am sharing the colors of the rainbow with my readers.

  • Red = Meat Dishes (beef, poultry, pork, lamb, etc.)
  • Blue = Seafood Dishes (shellfish only)
  • Green = Non-meat Dishes (vegetable based, beans, pasta, etc.)
  • Orange = Misc. (breakfast foods, desserts, snacks, etc.)

Step 3: Gettin’ Crafty

I colored the ends of the popsicle stick with its designated color, and wrote the name of the recipe/meal in the middle. On the back, I wrote the source so I can easily find that actual recipe should I need a full ingredient list or to recall steps. I am thinking about writing some of the main ingredients on the back of the stick as well, but that might be too ambitious.



In doing this little craft project, I had a surprising discovery. My initial list of about 30 meal ideas completely lacked any recipes with red meat or potatoes. Not only that, but I discovered that more than half of the ideas were meatless! AND 10 of my recipes featured beans, which until a year ago only my chili recipe featured.

I love red meat!!! What gives?? Then it dawned on me – I really have made a lifestyle change. Red meat and potatoes are much higher in P+ values than its chicken, pork, and vegetable counterparts. It is not that love beef less, I just love my health more. Recipes that I used to make with beef have been substituted with other products: chili is now made with soy crumbles or turkey; fajitas are made with chicken or pork; burgers are now made using ground turkey or veggies. Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.

What are some of your favorite meals?


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