I Want Candy

Everyone in the world knows that I have an insatiable sweet tooth; it is actually gross how many sweet and sugary foods I can consume.

For the past two months, I have seen advertising for McDonald’s newest treat – the Rolo McFlurry. I am not going to lie…I reallllllly wanted to try it. There is something about chocolate and caramel that makes it a combination that is second only to chocolate and peanut butter. Every time I have gone past a Micky D’s, I wanted to stop, but the timing wasn’t right (ie. by some weird freak of nature, I wasn’t hungry). So, I started thinking about the yumminess of Rolos, and finally, I decided to pull the trigger and to buy a pack.

I unrolled the paper and foil, and I was excited to have my first Rolo in, well, ages! As I savored my first piece, the disappointment immediately set it. It tasted stale. The chocolate didn’t really taste milk chocolatey and the caramel wasn’t ooey-gooey. I had another piece…the same reaction. I checked the expiration date – good until 5/2013. Weird.

And then it dawned on me – the last few times I have splurged on candy bars, I had the same reaction. I thought there was something wrong with the chocolate or the taste was off.  It happened with a 3 Musketeers, my all time favorite candy bar. It happened with the new Hershey’s Bliss candy pieces. The chocolate just doesn’t taste like chocolate to me.

Is it possible that every candy bar I buy every few months is a stale one? Well, I guess it is possible, but since I switched it up (3 Musketeers, Hershey’s, now Rolo) I don’t think it is probable. Upon further reflection (and without scientific research), my instinct tells me that its my taste buds and not the candy. The candy may have the same taste that it always has, but my infrequent consumption has given me a new perspective on flavor. And the new taste isn’t what I remembered it to be. Sad.

So, going forward, I guess I have two options. (No, consuming more candy to acclimate my taste buds isn’t one of them!) (1)  Deal with the funky tasting candy when I need a sugar fix, or (2) Just stop buying candy bars altogether. I am leaning toward option 2.

I like cake frosting better anyways. 😉


One thought on “I Want Candy

  1. first – I love how honest you are about cake frosting -who doesn’t love it!
    second – try actual chocolate – you konw the European stuff. Get some exciting dark chocolates, salted carmels or exoctic flavors. They are more expensive (so you’ll buy less) and taste so much better.

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