Week 4 Update

So… All those minus signs I was seeing, yeah, they stopped on Tuesday. I went up .8.

For the record, I had been doing really well again with tracking and working out. I could have made smarter food choices, but even with the choices I made, I wrote it all down and I stayed within my weekly allowance. What I think is the evil culprit for my gain? The heat. I have just been feeling bloated and icky and with the temps being so high, I think my body is hoarding water.

That being said, I am still only 1.4 pounds away from my goal, so this week, I am hoping to have another successful minus sign. 😀

I had a healthy 4th of July cookout – making homemade burgers with lean meat, all beef hot dogs (sadly, I think I like the pork ones taste better), grilled shrimp and veggies, a better-for-you pasta salad compliments of my friend, and s’mores for dessert. I went for a walk, and today I went for a run. So, I am feeling pretty good and confident that this week will be the week!

Come on, goal, I can see the finish line!


One thought on “Week 4 Update

  1. .8 isn’t bad after the amount you have just lost in the last 3 weeks. And I agree, the heat will do crazy things to your body!! Keep pushing!! You’ve GOT THIS!

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