Week 2 Update

Let me just say that I was very surprised at my weigh-in on Tuesday. Despite following the plan and working out, I thought my weekend splurges were going to throw me off track…

Hark! The scale showed a removal of 2.4 pounds!

A week in review:

  • I had several intense workout sessions including 5-mile pre-work runs with my running ladies; anger management class with the ab guy; and a 20-mile bike ride with my favorite marathoner.
  • I tracked everything I ate (even my Friday and Saturday splurges) and I drank plenty of water.
  • Friday night was a dinner splurge. I had been meaning to try the Italian deli (Vace) in Cleveland Park for several months now, so I decided to get some fixings for dinner. I got homemade whole wheat pasta, pesto sauce, and a slice of mushroom pizza. While everything was delish, it was pretty expensive PointsPlus wise. I did measure my pasta and sauce before I put it on the plate, and I served it with a tomato and cucumber salad.
  • Saturday was an even bigger splurge when the BF and I went to the Yankees-Nats game. I had intentions of working out that morning, but epically failed and did nothing. I generally like the food at ballparks more than I like the baseball, so I was ready to eat whatever cravings I had. I ordered a pre-game soft pretzel, and lunch/dinner of a  Shake Shack burger, a black and white custard, and some of the bf’s fries. I was seriously disappointed in my burger. Like, I wanted to pout, disappointed. I have been waiting anxiously to try this place, and the burger was small and didn’t have a lot of toppings. I didn’t think the burger was worth the PointsPlus like a Z burger or Five Guys burger is.
  • While I did splurge, I stayed within my total allowance (32 daily/ 49 weekly) PointsPlus.

All in all, I was pleased with the result of the week. I am now at a weight that I haven’t seen since high school; this makes me super excited, encouraged, and ready to kill those last 2.8 pounds (before I set a new goal!)

Bring it Week 3!


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