Week 1 Update

First and foremost I wanted to thank all of my family and friends for the outpour of encouragement and support that you have shown me! I am thankful that I have so many wonderful people willing to keep me accountable and force me to ask myself the tough questions – especially if I did everything I could this week – if I gave it over 100%.

The answer was yes, I did, and my scale results affirmed my effort.

I removed 3.8 pounds this week, bringing me to 205.2. I have 5.2 pounds to lose until birthday in 7 weeks.

How did I achieve these results? I think this had something to do with it:

  • I tracked every little thing that went into my mouth. Even the mini 3 Musketeers bar I swiped from my coworkers candy dish. Even the creamer I put in my coffee. Even the Creamery ice cream which turned out to be dinner on Monday. Everything.
  • I drank water like it was my full-time job.
  • I exercised – a lot. I biked to work three times, I went for morning runs with my running buddies, I went to anger management (boxing) classes, I white water rafted, I did freaking jumping jacks with 8 lb weights.
  • I let myself splurge on Saturday on a cookout meal. After a full day on the river, I ate 1 hot dog, 1 cheeseburger, 1/2 cup maccaroni salad, and a cookie dough flurry.
  • I did not splurge on the piece of chocolate cake at Giant with 3, yes 3, buttercream frosting flowers.
  • I bought a ton of groceries at the farmer’s market…and then I had to plan what to do with them!
  • I spent a good portion of Sunday preparing healthy meals for this week. I made a Zeleny Borscht, green bean and zucchini stir fry, vegetable “fried” rice, and kale chips.

As you can see, Week 1’s efforts were a huge success. Week 2 is starting off well. I have kept up my exercising, and I had a very successful meal out.

When my friend mentioned Indian for dinner, I was immediately excited because I love Indian but worried because a lot of sauces are not WeWa friendly. To set myself up for a success at dinner, I:  (1) did not eat my vegetable “fried” rice at lunch. I decided to save the extra PointsPlus for dinner; (2) consulted my WeWa handbook for plan friendly Indian suggestions; (3) did not order naan; and (4) ordered the Chicken Tikka (grilled), ate 1/4 c rice, and ordered one yummy potato appetizer dish, and 1/2 glass of wine. I was still surprised that I went over my PointsPlus allowance for the day, but I was proud that I did not order my favorite saucy lamb dish and a basket of bread. 😀

Come on Week 2, I am ready!


One thought on “Week 1 Update

  1. You look great and have been doing an amazing job…Keep up the good work!
    your friend who shamelessly suggested the Indian dinner

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