LWitRW vol. 6, The Great Debate – The (Fried) Chicken or the Egg (Whites)?

Spring is here, and my social calendar is blooming. For some reason, my life’s calendar in the spring, summer, and fall are jam packed. My winter ones? Barren. I have the same number of friends in the winter that I do in the other months…it really just makes me wonder.

The topic at hand today? Dining out.

WeWa gives plenty of advice and materials on how to handle restaurants, happy hours, and special events.  However, over the years, one bit of advice seemed to stick with me in a meaningful way.

I am calling it the Diner’s Golden Rule.

If you are going out to see friends; make safe decisions. If you are going out for the restaurant and experience; order whatever you want.

So, in theory, he is how it works:

I never go to Chick-Fil-A, so when I do go, I order whatever I want from the menu.

When having dinner with my best girlfriend, I try to order safe meals with salads and grilled meats.

When going to a restaurant on my master DC’s dining list, I order whatever I want.

New wine bar? Try the wine.

Didn’t feel like brining lunch today? It usually turns into a Subway day because I know there are plenty of healthy options there.

Is following the Diner’s Golden Rule easy? Hell no. I have had to talk myself away from the Jack Daniels Burger with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Fried Onion Rings, and BBQ sauce plenty of times. But, I think it is a fair way to try new things when you go out and not feel like a stick in the mud.

Do you have any tricks and tips for dining out?


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