LWitRW, vol. 5, Excuses, Excuses

Pop quiz, hot shot. What is my favorite excuse for not losing weight (or even gaining!) in a particular week?

  1. I forgot to track my meals and portions this week.
  2. I blew one day, so I gave up on the rest of the week.
  3. I had a salty meal, and the gain is water weight.
  4. I worked out too hard this week, and my muscles are recovering.

If you couldn’t choose just one answer, you are almost correct. I seem to have many excuses for gains/plateaus. But, the one I use most often? C for copout, Alex.

Excuse D:  This is the one I fall back on when I had a big race or workout session. (Ahem, Cherry Blossom 10-miler anyone?) After running my first half marathon, I was completely dejected when I saw a gain on the scale 2 days after the race.  In time, I realized it was a false gain, but it still stung. Since then, I have learned to just avoid weigh-ins for a few days. Problem solved.

Excuse B: I rarely use this one, but occasionally I pull it out of my back pocket and throw it on the table.  If I am having a bad day, or I went overboard at a meal, or I accidentally ate a bag of Cadbury mini-eggs, I might just say, “Fuck it” to the rest of the week.  However, I usually have more self-control than that and try to get back on my game after a day or two.

Excuse A:  This is 90% of the reason why I do not lose weight, but I have trouble using this excuse because it’s the truth.  If I tracked and watched portions, I wouldn’t need excuses. What a novel idea!

Excuse C: When I am up a pound or two, it is water weight without a doubt.  My favorite monthly visitor doesn’t always have to be the culprit. Maybe I ate Chinese food.  Maybe I ate 3 potato chips. Maybe my body is abnormally sponge-like and soaks up every drop of water that I consume. For whatever the reason de jour, it’s always water weight.

As a rule, I am no a person who likes excuses, but when it comes to gaining weight, I feel like there must be a cause.  The one that is gentlest on my ego, whether its true or not, is the water weight argument.  Now, there is some fact to the excuse – foods high in sodium do cause a person to retain water, and women do become bloated for a few days out of the month. But is it the primary cause, week after week for me facing the scale stalemate?  Highly unlikely, but this is the real world, and I am going to tell myself what I tell myself, I have to just face the yo-yo.

Until then, I am fueling up for the Annapolis Triathlon May 12, my first big-girl sprint tri!


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