The Brains

The last, but not least, Erie kitty is the baby of the group. Six-year-old Haley-Harley-Hoover (fondly nicknamed The Hoove) is the clever one of the bunch.

What people tend to notice first about The Hoove is her big-boned frame. Yes, she is a 20-pound plus-sized princess, but in our household, size matters not. Let’s not forget that yours truly is a WeWa member who has removed 95 pounds and counting. We love kitties of all shapes and sizes equally.

The Hoove lost her ear to frost bite while living with the groundhogs on the mean streets of Erie, PA.  She was rescued and resided in a foster home before she joined her adopted sisters Lola and Alabama in our home.

She likes to sit in your lap, be adored and groomed, and to beg for treats.  What she really loves to do is to outwit her older sister Lola. One time, I watched The Hoove swat Lola’s tail, and then pretend someone/something else did it.  Lola bought into it, and looked around for at least 5 minutes to see who swatted her tail.  You could see the laughter in The Hoove’s eyes when Lola couldn’t figure out what had happened.

Say “privyet” to The Hoove! 


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