The Talker

LOLA, 11 year young Tortie, is the kind of in-your-face lap cat that seems rather rare when compared with other felines.  She goes by the name Lolo and resides with her two sisters in Erie, PA. She will sit and make cooing sounds and talk to you all day, and would be content to spent 24/7 sitting on your lap for adoration time.

She was thrown out of a car on the side of the road, and someone who had witnessed the event stopped to rescue her.  She was taken to a no-kill shelter, and there she shared a cage with her adopted sister Alabama. We think this is why her right ear is kinda floppy and why she wants to wrap her paws around you and hug you all day.

Lola is the adventurous one of the bunch, doing things like balancing in the Christmas tree, skirting around you to get out of an open door, and most recently, going for a walk in the house’s air vents.  When she isn’t being a daredevil or clinging to you, she plays flopsy-mopsy with her other sister, Hoove.

Send some lovin’ to Lola!


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