Losing Weight in the Real World, vol. 4, Absence….

…makes the heart go fonder?

I have reached a point in my WeWa journey when I need a break. Ironically, this break has little to do with my amazing ability to gain and lose the same 5 pounds for months on end, and everything to do with the company.

A few months back my WeWa center in DC moved to a new location and became a “store.”  The old space was in a sketch building, and some days I didn’t think the elevator would make it to the 11th floor.  The new place is more convenient for me because it is closer to the Red Line and my bus line home. However, the location is not close to my office, and when the center moved the meeting hours changed.

Usually, I work 8 – 4:30.  The morning WeWa meetings are scheduled 7:30, and last half an hour.  Option 1 is being late for work.  The evening meetings are now scheduled for 6:15. (There used to be a 5:15 one which was perfect.) Option 2 is to sit around in downtown DC and kill time (at a cafe perhaps?) for 2 hours.  The other meeting times are just altogether unfeasible.

Therein lies the problem. Since the move, I have become meetingless, when I was perfectly happy with my 5:15 meeting. I LOVE my WeWa meetings. I like the accountability, sharing accomplishments, getting new ideas and recipes, and feeling supported.  I feel abandoned without them.

I have asked why they changed the meeting times, and the reason I was given was to get the meeting attendance up in the evening up.  Apparently 15 – 20 people for an evening meeting is poor attendance.  Interesting. When I have gone to the morning meetings, there were 10 – 15 people, hardly a packed room. It’s bullshit.

So, I did what any concerned member would do – I talked to anyone who would listen.  I asked my former leader, I talked to several receptionists, and I asked for a regional manager I could speak with (I have been stonewalled). I called WeWa headquarters and written then complaining about meeting times. Crickets. The last time I went in and asked the receptionist if I could speak with someone, she gave me a phone number for headquarters, and then ignored me.  I cried. I literally store in the WeWa store broke down in tears (while she continued to ignore me).  I was so angry and frustrated that the only response I could muster was tears.

I knew then and there it was time for a break. March 2012 I will be WeWa free.

I am not planning on quitting WeWa just yet…for the simple fact that if I leave and come back, it will cost me more money.  Apparently, they upped their membership fees for monthly pass holders. So I would pay more money for the same old same old.  That, and I jumped through administrative hoops from hell to get my doctor to write me a letter so I can have my FSA reimburse me for the membership. I think a month off is a better approach, and then reevaluate from there.

During March, I plan to continue my weight loss journey by eating healthy, exercising, and tracking. But just not weighing in every week, having someone who is not vested in my weight loss look at me and ask “Aw, you are up again this week, what happened to LP?” and getting the same material that I have been handed for the past 3 years.

Hopefully, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Who knows, maybe the fondness will make the absence longer…



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