The Skiddish One

Because I love all of the cats in my family equally, I am posting some pictures in honor of the current oldest kitty in the family – ALABAMA.  She goes by the nickname Bama-Rama, resides in Erie, PA, and we think she is 15 years old.

We rescued Alabama from a no-kill shelter with her cage mate and adopted sister, Lola. We do not know Alabama’s back story, but that she was in a cage for almost a year until we adopted her.   She enjoys a stress-free life these days, spending them on her princess pillow in the master bedroom and watching the squirrels on Bird TV.

She is skiddish, but will sit on your lap if you sit still in a place and are quiet. I think I scare the living daylights out of her, so she much prefers this lap to mine:

She may be a petite cat, but she will fight her way to the food dish come dinner time! She is the farthest left next to her sister Lola and the late Pudge.

Give a shout out to Alabama!


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