Losing Weight in the Real World, vol. 3, “Shopping the Perimeter”

LWITRW 2 update: How did week one of “weekend only treats” go, you ask? Yeah, it didn’t. I actually forgot that was going to be my game of attack this week… On a positive note, Monday is the start of a brand new week – including Lent – so I hope to be inspired to do better!

In honor of today’s topic – the grocery store – here are some fond memories from  Snowmagedon 2010 – the weather event that brought the federal government to a standstill. I couldn’t find fresh anything, save some cucumbers, celery root, limes, and 2 sad little oranges, all shown below.

Let’s be honest. When the shelves are fully stocked, the grocery store can be a daunting place. Isles upon isles upon isles of food, sneaky prices, clever gimmicks,  coupons and promotions for everything…you catch my drift. There is a lot of good advice on how to tackle the grocery store like: (1) Don’t shop on an empty stomach or (2) don’t shop without a grocery list or a meal plan or (3) shop primarily sales. For me, the best advice I have received is to “shop the perimeter.”

Think about the layout of a grocery store. Every store I have ever been in (with the exception of the “Touch Me” stores in Ukraine) is set up the same way. Along the outside perimeter of the store are fruits and veggies, dairy, eggs, meat, bread, fish, bakery, deli and checkout. With the exception of the bakery and arguably the deli, almost everything you need for healthy balanced meals is located on the outer rim. To be fair, there are healthy options hidden within the isles. Notable items include rice, beans, canned/frozen veggies, and pastas.  But really, the outer loop is where it’s at.

It is easy to get caught up in the isles at grocery stores. I know – it happens to me all the time. Especially when I have the pleasure of going to a real grocery store – like Wegmans or just about any grocery store in the ‘burbs. I find sauces I have never seen before, exotic candies from my days in Europe, every type of cake mix ever created, instant dinner ideas that take only 10 minutes to cook if you add meat….and I want it all.  This is where other’s advice comes in handy – eat before you shop, have a game plan, and stick to the sales.

The next time you run to the store, stop and think about which isles you frequent the most. If you are not patroning the perimeter, give it a try – it may help you in your quest for healthy lifestyle and weight loss. It has been a life saver for me!

Do you have a grocery store strategy?


2 thoughts on “Losing Weight in the Real World, vol. 3, “Shopping the Perimeter”

  1. I didn’t really realize i did this until now… but I do it because I hate soccer mom’s with poorly behaved children. I find they tend to stay towards the center of the store.

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