To Be Healthy

When I started my weight loss journey three years ago, my stated goal wasn’t  to reach a particular weight but “to be healthy.”  What does “to be healthy” even mean?  I interpreted it to mean I wanted to be at a healthy weight for my height and age group.  And I still do.  But, here I am stuck at a certain weight again, I am looking more and more to my non-scale victories to keep me motivated.  Usually, this revolves around clothing sizes and clothing fit.

On Sunday, I tried on a size 14 dress pant from Ann Taylor… and it fit.  I was beaming ear to ear, and I called my mom right away to share the good news.  I have officially reached the promise land of pant sizes!  Size 16s are hit and miss in many stores in DC, but 14s are always abound.  So I was pleased with myself and my progress on my “healthy” goal.

But I think I have an even bigger indicator of my health than just weight or clothing size- my fitness level.  As I was biking home (love, love, love my CaBi membership) from my early morning running
group, I realized that every day I am working out I am achieving my weight loss goal of being healthy.

Three years ago it took me 25 minutes to walk a mile on the treadmill; I was drenched in sweat and sore for two days – from walking.


I can run a 10:30 minute mile pace for a 5K, and longer.
I purchased a bike and without previous distance riding experience, I rode 10 miles.
I can make it through an intense 60 minute anger management class (kickboxing) feeling great.
I can hop in a pool and crank out a 45 minute swim session.
I have 5Ks, 10-milers, and triathlons on my calendar this year.

I have a strong network of family and friends who support me – whether it’s by working out with me, entering races with me, helping at my races, or encouraging me to keep on keeping on.

When I told someone I was training for a triathlon, I was not given a weary sideways glance.  I look and sound like an athlete.  I am an athlete. If that doesn’t fit the description of my weight loss goal of being healthy, I don’t know what does!

What does “being healthy” mean to you?


One thought on “To Be Healthy

  1. You are an athlete! It is all about the wellness curve – from unhealthy to healthy to fit. Ms. LP you are most certainly fit!
    Can’t wait for a bike ride in April!!!

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