Losing Weight in the Real World, vol. 2, “Sweet Tooth in a Salty, Savory World”

Some people like cheeses.  Some people love chips and pretzels.  I can’t resist sweets.


I have heard others say they have a sweet tooth.  I have yet to meet someone with a sweet tooth as wicked as mine.

  • Entire cake?  Give me 1 day and it will be gone.
  • Jar of frosting?  Devoured in 20 minutes.  (Also called the Frosting Incident of 2011. I cried.)
  • Half gallon of ice cream?  Don’t look away, I will eat it all and claim it was melting.
  • Box of oreos? Bitch, please, that is for amateurs.

I can only name one treat that I think is too sweet – baklava – and truthfully, its less the sweetness and more the nuts that I don’t like.

Since I started losing weight, I learned this addiction to sugar was neither normal nor easy to deal with.  Some weeks I am doing great – no desserts and I don’t crave any.  Then, it starts with a cookie or a candy bar, and my life goes to hell.  Every day I want one, some days I want two.  God forbid should a special occasion come up or I get a sudden urge to bake.  50 pounds ago, this wasn’t an issue.  Now, getting down to a much healthier weight, the problem is harder to deal with because a binge session can set me back weeks.

So, how am I dealing with it?  Well, so far, my methods have been failing me.

1. The Denial Method

Having no sweets for extended periods of time seems to end with a terrible binge session…and the binge session ends with either tears or feeling gross or both.

2. Reward Method

Lost .2?  Treat!  Tracked all day?  Treat!  Shitty day at work? Double treat!  Holiday?  Treat!  Got up to go to work?  Treat!  The reward method begets rewards begets rewards.

3. Mini Treat Method

I have tried the little snacks – that seems to end up with me eating the whole box, and then incredible overwhelming feeling of guilt.

4. Healthy Dessert Method

Fruit and dairy just doesn’t seem to do it for me…when I want something sweet, nothing short of processed sugars and butter will do. So I will eat my fruit and dairy and then hunt for something “more substantial.”

Fear not, LWIRW folks, LP has a new method up her sleeve to try.  

I am going to call this “Weekend Only Treats.”  

Sustaining from treats 5 days of the week, and allowing myself moderate treats (ie. 1 slice of cake) on the weekend.   Hopefully this will prevent the binging and bring some moderation into my world.  It’s worth a try, because I have learned that losing weight will never be a destination, and will always be a journey.  Sweets are just part of the rocky road of life….mmmm….rocky road ice cream….mmm.


3 thoughts on “Losing Weight in the Real World, vol. 2, “Sweet Tooth in a Salty, Savory World”

  1. My treat system involves hard candy. I love Werther’s Originals, so that’s the only thing sweet I keep in the house. It’s hard to eat a whole bag of them and if I have a few in an evening I’m satiated enough that I don’t feel the need to go out and pick up a McFlurry.

    • Great idea! I may have to try this during the week – I am always looking for something sweet! I have been fighting (successfully so far) the urge to run out and get a Shamrock Shake. It is only a matter of time before the craving wins, but once a year it is OK.

      • I have a similar problem. I just can’t have the stuff in the house. Coupon to save then you buy a box of cake mix AND the frosting? Great! Except now I have a box of cake mix and no frosting. Because I ate it. Not in 20 minutes, but a heaping spoonful or two once or twice a day for 5 days. Still. I ate an entire can of frosting. Did I mention I bought another can to replace the one I ate? And I ate that one too. So there is still a box of cake mix in my cupboard. I can’t bring myself to buy the frosting. So the weekend idea is good. I have hot cocoa in the house and that is IT. When I have a sweet craving, I drink a cup of that and don’t have the urge to keep going.

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