Losing Weight In the Real World, vol. 1, “Life Happened”

WeWa Greeter: “Up 1 pound. What happened to LP this week?”

LP: “Life happened.”

Super Bowl happened. Gobs from Jtown happened. Rasika happened. Coworker lunch happened. Office donuts happened. Sore ankle happened. Life happened.

But life seems to happen every week. I had my meals planned – chili for dinner, mini quiches for lunch, salads, fruits and veggies for snacks, oatmeal for breakfast. Workouts were planned too – swim sessions, biking, running with a group, kickboxing classes. No matter how much I plan, it doesn’t seem to matter because ultimately life happens.

I had a healthier Super Bowl, and was almost able to resist an office donut. Rasika dinner was planned into my week. Everything else just came up.

I have been going to WeWa meetings for 3 years now, and overall I have done well. There are always meetings focused on planning, planning, planning. I am a planner. In fact, over the years I have become a master planner. Being a master planner does not help when those unplanned situations crop up – and its always something. I also read weight loss blogs. I have no idea how these people do it – are they really always able to stick to their plan perfectly? How do they have the time to exercise and make new, interesting, fun recipes every night of the week and photograph step by step instructions? I am guessing they do not have a social life or just exist beyond the real world. What about days when you just have a shitty day and you need a glass of wine…or the whole bottle? You just can’t plan for a crappy work day.

I decided instead of a daily weight loss diary blog, I was going to do a small piece each week about what its like to lose weight in the real world – when friends and cake and bad days and temptation and injuries and celebrations happen. When life happens.


One thought on “Losing Weight In the Real World, vol. 1, “Life Happened”

  1. boy, can I relate to this! Not only are there the “planners/executors”, but there are also the devil-may-cares who seem to eat anything and not gain weight. So discouraging, ESPecially when “life happens”, as you say. I just had a really sucky week. Had planned to accomplish all sorts of do’s on my list, and have been in bed with sore throat/fever. Finally went for anti-b yesterday. Hopefully, the good news will be that I lost some weight — but that’s not the way to do it!

    Not that I’m in shape or execute a plan, but my hope for living a healthy life seems to lie in my attitutde and mindfulness. If I’m not nursing a kleenex box, I can have small effects on whether (or not) my day is positive. And my own self ain’t like others, I accept that, so I try to stay mindful of what my own self is doing to keep things “healthy”.

    And I fall off, fall down. But in the terms of “positive”, life’s not about how many times you fall down, it’s all about the last time you picked yourself up. 😀
    Great topic. x0x0

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